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Wooltrade is an internet based marketing system that is designed to be a valuable tool for both buyers and growers to efficiently buy and sell wool 24hrs a day seven days a week. The system enables the price to be set by the grower and as a result they have a greater influence on the price achieved for their clip.

What can Wooltrade do for you?

The Wooltrade grower viewer website is a valuable accessory to any growers marketing strategy as it provides access to an independent source of market information, a list of all your wool for sale with all the measurements and reserve prices along with Wooltrade estimations of the value of your clip. The grower viewer website also gives growers the option of gaining market information on forward contracts that are available for their wool. Wooltrade puts out a weekly market report that has detailed information of the previous week's sale and also information regarding Wooltrade sales; this can only be accessed via the grower viewer website.

A sample grower viewer website can be accessed through phoning Wooltrade on (02) 9892 2090 or emailing

The benefits of Wooltrade?

Wooltrade has many benefits that can help the grower find the real value for their wool. These include �

  • Wool Available for Sale 24hrs a day, 7 days a week
  • Growers can take immediate advantage of price spikes, changes in reserves and sale instructions take effect immediately;
  • Growers can control reserves and sale instructions for Wooltrade
  • Growers wool has exposure to buyers nationally and internationally increasing competition and the prices paid
  • Wool can be sold in consignment and grower parcel lots
  • Forward Sales provide a risk management tool for both sellers and buyers
  • The ability to set a price for your wool in the comfort of your home where there is no pressure and stress of the auction.
  • Assists in building a diverse marketing plan for your clip to achieve an average price you have targeted.
  • No computer skills required to access the latest technology in selling your clip.
  • Having an active role in the marketing of your wool by gaining instant market access.

To find out more about the client viewer website or if you would like to print off an application form for grower access please access the links above left and fax or email back to Wooltrade on or (02) 98922895, otherwise call Wooltrade on (02) 98922090 for more information.